Saturday, October 13, 2012

Yes, I'm alive!

Testing, testing, does this still work?
If you've wondered what has happened to me over the last 6 months or so and where the heck have I been, well here's the quick version.
Had wisdom teeth pulled last Thanksgiving, yes that was back in November.

Old me sled riding over Thanksgiving

View of ski runs at PC from the front door of new school.

This lead to a sinus infection, where I was on anti biotics for basically...when since last Nov. Difficult driving up and down canyon due to sinus pressure so limited skiing and shooting. Oh, got braces in December to prepare for jaw surgery. Couldn't kick sinus infection so ended up having sinus surgery mid June. Wait, just changed jobs to work in Park City school district.
Old cubicle at Granite.  

The day of my sinus surgery, we got the keys to our new house in PC. Surgery was delayed till the afternoon. Hey, why not drive multiple truck loads of boxes up the canyon to the new place before surgery? Sinus surgery went well, but for the recovery I could not lift anything for about 10 days. So that meant begging friends and family for help and hiring movers. Moved to new house.

Uh, where do I put this?

John Hiller to the rescue!

Boy this new house sure smells funny. Hmm, maybe something to do with the dead skunk under the deck and shed. Guess we should rip that out. Good thing the dump is only about 10 miles away.

What's that smell?

One of my many truck loads for the dump.

Thanks to Rog and Dave for all the help!

Getting closer to July now and time for major jaw surgery. Accident? Cancer? No, I have had a significant under bite all my life and could only chew on two teeth on the back of my mouth and also chewed with the back of my gums. Not good. Every dentist and ortho. I have even seen has said I NEED to have the surgery. So an overnight stay in the hospital, chisel a little bone here, put a few screws in there and voila. A new jaw.

Pre surgery.

After surgery X-ray

Lots of fun eating out of a syringe and mainly liquids and soft foods until just up to a couple of weeks ago. Thank god for the Vita-Mix. Pain was pretty bad, face really swelled up and couldn't blow my nose for 4 weeks.

 Wow, good times. 

 Started my new job a few weeks after the surgery and I even taught the first week with my mouth rubber banded shut. I am teaching 8th and 9th grade reading at Treasure Mountain Junior High and am also coaching/supporting some amazing teachers. It has been a blast to work with elementary, middle school and junior high students, sometimes all in the same day. I am finally able to ride my mountain bike and have begun to train for the upcoming ski season. Finally, sold our house in SLC, just a couple of weeks ago. 

 I can't believe I am still alive and still sane. Thanks for all the support from family, friends and colleagues from both Granite and Park City school district.  I'll be back to my old self soon!